• Butte County Office of Education Expanded Learning Program operates our After School Program. Listed below is the contact information of the Site Coordinator for each school.


    Plumas Avenue

    Meng Hang (Site Coordinator)

    530-370-7100 email address: mhang@bcoe.org

    Poplar Avenue

    Noelle (Ellie) Dermenjian (Site Coordinator)

    530-370-9091 email address: edermenjian@bcoe.org

    Sierra Avenue

    Emilly Jones (Site Coordinator)

    530-370-7381 email address: ejones@bcoe.org

    Nelson Avenue

    Jennifer Becker (Site Coordinator)

    530-990-6410 email address: jbecker@bcoe.org

    *These phone number only works when the Afterschool Programs are in session.