• Independent Study Program

    Questionnaire: Is Riverbend Virtual Academy Right For You?

    Welcome to Riverbend Virtual Academy where we offer a variety of educational experiences for students. 

    Riverbend has both online and hybrid in-person programming. Weekly/biweekly one-on-one check-in meetings with students and families are scheduled to ensure they are on track with their learning. Opportunities for tutoring are also available for those that want extra support.

    Enhanced opportunities for hands-on learning such as science labs, STEAM, outdoor enrichment activities, and Social Emotional Learning are additional services we offer in order to create a well-rounded school experience. Students may also participate in sports or clubs at their home schools.

    Riverbend Virtual Academy is TUESD’s enhanced Independent Study program. This type of program arranges the needed instruction and support to families who wish to participate in a more direct manner in the education of his or her child. Parents are the primary Learning Coach by providing direct supervision and monitoring of student progress. 

    Accelerate Education is our online curriculum that covers all core subjects. Workbooks are provided for students in grades 3rd-5th.

    It is free to attend Riverbend Virtual Academy for students in grades 3rd-8th. We service students in Butte and adjoining counties. We are located at 2075 Poplar Ave., Oroville, CA 95965. Our main phone number is (530) 534-7843.


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