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    CBOC Accepting Applications

    The Thermalito Union Elementary School District is seeking community members interested in participating in a Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC).  The committee represents the public in ensuring the bond funds are expended within the constraints of the law. The CBOC is comprised of seven members who serve a two-year term and meet no more than four times annually. There are currently five positions open.

    Participation in the CBOC provides an excellent opportunity to engage with the local education system, help improve our schools, as well as assist those in the community. For more information, please contact Cody Walker, Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations at (530) 538-8825.

    Applications | Please submit your completed application to the District Office, 400 Grand Ave, Oroville, CA.

    Establishment of a Citizens' Oversight Committee

    After Measure Z, a bond authorized under Proposition 39, was passed on November 6, 2018, state law required that the Thermalito Union Elementary School District Board of Education appoint a Citizens' Oversight Committee to work with the District. The District had 60 days from the date the Board certified the results of the election to establish a Citizens' Oversight Committee. Per Education Code Section 152789(a) the committee shall consist of at least seven (7) members to serve a two-year term, without compensation. The members must include:
    • one member who is active in a business organization representing the business community,
    • a member active in a senior citizen's organization,
    • one member from a bonafide taxpayer association,
    • one member shall be a parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the district,
    • one parent or guardian of a student in the district who is also active in a parent-teacher organization.

    Committee Responsibilities
    In accordance with Education Code Section 15278(b), the Citizens' Oversight Committee shall:

    • Inform the public concerning the District's expenditure of Measure Z bond proceeds;
    • Review expenditure reports produced by the District to ensure that Measure Z bond proceeds were expended only for the purposes set forth in Measure Z;
    • Present to the Board of Education in public session, an annual written report outlining their activities and conclusions regarding the expenditure of Measure Z bond proceeds.

    The Bylaws govern the Citizens' Oversight Committee.

    Appointment of Committee Members

    All appointments were made by the Board of Education from applications submitted to the District.

    Time Commitment and Term
    Initial appointments will be staggered, such that some of the initial appointees will be appointed to serve one full two-year term. The other initial appointments will serve a one-year term but will be eligible for reappointment by the Board of Education for a second two-year term.

    CBOC Committee Members

    Jeff Ballard - appointed February 7, 2019

    Robert Stevens -  appointed March 7, 2019