• Interdistrict Transfers

    Inter-District Student Attendance Application (Form 11)

    The District has a primary responsibility to meet the educational needs of students residing inside the Thermalito Union Elementary School District boundaries with a parent, legal guardian or other person having legal control or charge of the student and, under specified conditions, a responsibility to meet the educational needs of some students residing outside the District's boundaries.

    Students residing outside the District who meet District residency requirements may be allowed to enroll in District schools.  Consistent with California Education Code provisions, a student residing outside a given school district's boundaries may meet the State's residency requirements for that district and may be legally enrolled.  Residency requirements for the Thermalito Union Elementary School District may be met by a non-district student:

    1. who is placed inside school district boundaries in a regularly established licensed children's institution, or a licensed foster home or a family home, pursuant to the Welfare and Institutions Code;
    2. for whom an inter-district student attendance agreement has been approved;
    3. whose residence is located within the boundaries of the District and whose parent/legal guardian is relieved of responsibility, control and authority through emancipation;
    4. whose parent/legal guardian has established the residence of the student in a properly licensed home located within the District's boundaries;
    5. who is residing in a state hospital located within the boundaries of the District.
    6. who is elementary school age and one or both of her/his parents/legal guardians is employed within the boundaries of the District.

    To appropriately meet the needs of all students, the District will consider each written Inter-District Student Attendance Application that is submitted by a parent or legal guardian. Parents/legal guardians residing within the TUESD attendance boundaries who wish their child to attend a school outside the District boundaries or parents/legal guardians residing outside the TUESD attendance boundaries who wish their child to attend a TUESD school  may submit an Inter-District Student Attendance Application.  Transportation will not be provided for students on inter-district agreements.

    Procedure and Timeline for Interdistrict Transfer

    (1) Thermalito Union Elementary School District typically begins accepting and processing interdistrict transfer requests in December and January for the subsequent school year. Specific dates are noted at the top of the webpage. Parents/guardians can view the Board Policy for Interdistrict Attendance (BP 5117) online.
    (2) The Superintendent or designee may approve an interdistrict attendance permit for a student for any of the following reasons:
    • To meet the child care needs of the student. Such students may be allowed to continue to attend district schools only as long as they continue to use a childcare provider within district boundaries.
    • To meet the student's special mental or physical health needs as certified by a physician, school psychologist, or other appropriate school personnel. (cf. 6159 - Individualized Education Program)
    • When the student has a sibling attending school in the receiving district, to avoid splitting the family's attendance.
    • To allow the student to complete a school year when his/her parents/guardians have moved out of the district during that year.
    • To allow the student to remain with a class graduating that year from an elementary, junior high school.
    • When the parent/guardian provides written evidence that the family will be moving into the district in the immediate future and would like the student to start the year in the district.
    • When the student will be living out of the district for one year or less.
    • When recommended by the School Attendance Review Board or by county child welfare, probation, or social service agency staff in documented cases of serious home or community problems which make it inadvisable for the student to attend the school of residence. (cf. 5113.1 - Truancy)
    • When there is valid interest in a particular educational program not offered in the district of residence.
    • To provide a change in school environment for reasons of personal and social adjustment.
    (3) Per California Education Code Section 46601 (a), a parent/guardian may appeal a school district's decision regarding a request for interdistrict transfer, within 30 calendar days of the date of the school district's final denial, to the Butte County Office of Education.
    (4) The failure of a parent or guardian to meet any timelines established by Thermalito Union Elementary School District shall be deemed an     abandonment of the request.
    (5) Applicable timelines for processing a request, including statements that the school district shall do both of the following:
    • Notify a parent submitting a current year request, as defined in Section 46600.1, of its final decision within 30 calendar days from the date the request was received.
    • Notify a parent submitting a future year request, as defined in Section 46600.1, of its final decision as soon as possible, but no later than 14 calendar days after the commencement of instruction in the school year for which interdistrict transfer is sought.
    (6) Conditions under which an existing interdistrict transfer permit may be revoked or rescinded.
          (a) Revocation may result for the following reasons:
    • if facilities or programs become impacted in the school the student is assigned to attend.
    • if the student demonstrates unsatisfactory attendance, credit accrual or discipline.
    • if there is falsification or misrepresentation of information on the Interdistrict Transfer form.
    • The district may revoke a student's enrollment if he/she is recommended for expulsion pursuant to Education Code 48918(Education Code 48309)
          (b) Thermalito Union Elementary School District will advise a parent/guardian, in writing, of the right to                      appeal to the Butte County Office of Education within 30 calendar days from the date of the final denial.
          (c) Any written notice to parents regarding Thermalito Union Elementary School District's decision on a                     request for interdistrict transfer shall conform to the translation       
               requirements of Section 48985 and may be provided using any of the following methods:
    • Regular mail
    • Electronic format (contingent upon parent providing an email address)
    • By an other method normally used to communicate with parents in writing