• Welcome to Heritage and Pioneer Community Day School (CDS)

    The purpose of CDS is to provide a supportive and structured environment where students with behavioral/academic challenges will have appropriate supports to assist them succeed in their education. CDS staff are uniquely trained to support student needs. Some structures that exist at CDS are as follows: Daily record sheets (to record student behavior and capture data), a level system (that offers privileges built into each level), a token economy (just like a bank account), a school store (where students can spend money they earned for good behavior), paraprofessional supports in each classroom and a smaller setting where students receive more one-on-one support.

    CDS exits to provide a location for students that have been removed from their school of residence for various reasons. There are four ways to enter the CDS and those are as follows: 1) An expulsion order or stipulated agreement 2) Parent/guardian administrative placement 3) IEP team decision 4) School attendance review board (SARB) placement.

    The ultimate goal of CDS is to provide a safe and appropriate educational setting while working towards placing students back at their school of residence. Placement of students back at their  school of residence will occur once their expulsion order/stipulated agreement has been met and/or when the student has met the appropriate behavioral/academic goals necessary to return to their school of residence. At that time a transition plan will be developed to place the student back at their school of residence.