• Welcome to Poplar Avenue Elementary School!


    To ensure the academic and emotional success of all our students in a positive family environment. 


    To become a school in our district and region recognized for high levels of student success, academic achievement, social-emotional learning, educational leadership, and community involvement.


    Academic Achievement

    • Students will meet grade-level standards in all academic areas.    
    • Teachers will provide primary instruction using research based strategies. 
    • Teams will use common assessments to drive and refine instructional   practices and interventions

    Social Emotional Achievement  

    • Develop a relationship with all students and have multiple points of adult  contact for each student.                                                   
    • Become a Trauma-informed school

    Educational Leadership

    Community Involvement

    Collective Commitments

    In order to achieve our vision of student academic achievement, we the Poplar Avenue staff will...

    •   Each be part of a collaborative team.
    •   Meet at least one time per week for about 50 minutes.
    •   Identify the essential learning targets. 
    •   Use common formative and summative assessments (daily/weekly on site level).
    •   Provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 Interventions based on formative assessments on essentials.
    •   Provide enrichment to students meeting essentials.
    •   Provide Tier 3 interventions to those who don’t respond to Tier 1 and Tier 2 Interventions.

    In order to achieve our vision of success in social-emotional learning, we the Poplar Avenue staff will...

    •   Recognize the role trauma plays in students and staff.
    •   Investigate and implement multiple strategies to address individual student’s social-emotional needs.
    •   Develop a matrix with tiered supports.
    •   Have counseling services readily available on campus daily.
    •   Each know every student.

    In order to achieve our vision of educational leadership, we the Poplar Avenue staff will...

    •   Welcome adults -parents, colleagues, and community members- into our classroom.
    •   Take risks and push ourselves outside our comfort zones to improve our professional practice.
    •   Have individual planned professional growth goals.
    •   Have collective professional development growth goals.

    In order to achieve our vision of community involvement, we the Poplar Avenue staff will...

    •   Communicate weekly with families on a classroom level.
    •   Communicate monthly on a schoolwide level.
    •   Share student progress and data with students and families on a frequent and regular basis.
    •   Provide engaging family and community events on a regular basis.
    •   Reach out to parents outside of our classroom families.