• What is WEB?


    WEB stands for "Where Everybody Belongs". WEB is a program designed for 8th graders to help lead 6th graders in activities that will help them feel more comfortable about attending middle school. We usually start the 6th grade year off with a big orientation. At the orientation the WEB Leaders (8th graders) play some fun games and activities with the 6th graders and lead them on a fun tour of the campus. Unfortunately, with COVID this year, we were unable to do this.

    With that in mind, the 8th grade WEB Leaders have some advice (or, what we like to call "Words of Wisdom") to share with 6th graders. We are hoping this will be a fun way for you to get to know them each and a way to help your school year be more successful.


    Nelson Avenue Web Leaders:


    Aaliyah Robinson

    8th Grader



    Elle Reichenbach

    8th Grader



    Anyah Ballard

    8th Grader